Brand Communications was selected by Azito Energie, a leading electricity provider in Côte d’Ivoire, to revamp their corporate website and produce communication materials in line with their new identity. The branding materials will be produced in both French and English. The appointment of Brand Communications is part of a broader, long-term communication strategy to support Azito Energie to reinforce and establish their position as the leading energy supplier in Côte d’Ivoire.

The Azito Power Plant Project can be described as a success story in which a well-designed approach to Public Private Partnerships (PPP) benefits all stakeholders. The project was initiated originally in 1998 with the aim to supply natural gas to the population with a total capacity of 420 MW. The modernisation of the Power Plant has resulted in positive effects such as an increase of the employment, as well as an augmentation of the national capacity of producing natural gas by 10%, according to a Summary of the Environmental and Social Management Plan published by the African Development Bank.

Since its creation, Azito Power Plant Project has paved the way for similar projects and is a model to replicate in order to bridge the African continent’s infrastructure gap.