Batonga Foundation

Transforming Africa. One girl at a time.

The Batonga Foundation offers sustainable long-term intervention, focused on funding girls from primary to higher education in Africa, alongside pragmatic support for schools. Brand Communications were tasked to revitalise the new focus of the Batonga brand to show how the organisation captures ongoing institutional support. 

In 2000, the United Nations announced its focus on education for girls in support of the second Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of the United Nations, which is to achieve universal primary education, and the third MDG, which is to promote gender equality and empower women. Through programmes such as the United Nations Girl Education Initiative (UNGEI), the UN is realising its commitment to accelerating action on girls’ education and revitalising the broad social mobilisation and high-level political action that is needed to ensure that every girl, as well as every boy, receives a quality education.

In response, a number of charitable organisations have taken up the challenge with varying models. These range from corporate CSI programmes, such as the Gucci Foundation’s Chime for Change, to dedicated charitable organisations that focus primarily on this aim, such as ONE endorsed by Bono, and The Girl Effect supported by Nike.

The Batonga Foundation is one of a number of pro bono projects that Brand Communications undertakes each year in support of causes with proven outcomes. Based on the differentiation of an in-depth understanding of the challenges that girls in Africa face, grounded by the empathy and experience of the global world music icon Angelique Kidjo, we positioned the brand as a partner that could offer solutions for Africa – by Africa and the world. Kidjo herself is also a very real example of the potential that education can unleash in girls if continuity is ensured.

“Young people are the hope of my continent. When I watch the children of Africa, all dreams seem possible”

Angéligue Kidjo
(As spoken at a Unicef interview) 

Our design solution includes novel ideas for promoting the endorsement of Batonga in partnership with organisations, and a unique play on the Batonga logo designed to create awareness, affinity and funding.

In 2012, the Batonga Foundation was named one of the Top-Rated Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits by Great Nonprofits.

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