Eritrea Profile, a leading Eritrean newspaper, recently published an in-depth Q&A style interview with Terhas Berhe, Founder and Managing Director of Brand Communications.
During the interview, Terhas speaks with candour about her childhood in Eritrea. She recalls that, “It was a very difficult period but somehow, I still managed to have a good time surrounded by loving family and friends.”

Terhas eventually moved to Canada in 1989 where she completed her education, while juggling multiple jobs. One of these was a brief stint at a company called Publicity Group, which was her introduction into the world of communications. After nine years in Canada, she moved yet again, this time to the United Kingdom, where she went on to obtain a Master’s programme in Public Relations and Public Communications.

In 2003, Terhas took the bold decision to launch her own Africa-focused communications agency, a move that was predicated on her insight and personal conviction that communications could be an important tool for changing the perception about the continent. In her words:“…I understood the power of advertising [and] marketing, and how systems are communicated and managed; how societies are shaped and influenced; why we adopt certain norms, why we buy certain things…you see how communications tools are key. All those elements interested me and I thought if I could master the tools, I could use them to positively market the African continent as my long-term goal.”

The far-reaching piece uncovers sharp insights into her journey towards entrepreneurial success, setting a compelling context around her drive and passion for repositioning Africa through strategic marketing and communications.

Click here to read the full interview and find out how Terhas made the decision to focus on Africa and why she believes communications is key to achieving developmental objectives across the continent.