Proven pioneer. How building markets transforms lives in Africa.

As CEO, Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin was the driving force behind the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, a recognised African success story. Dr. Gabre-Madhin looked to Brand Communications to create a brand for her new venture, eleni LLC, an innovative organisation dedicated to building customised commodity exchanges in new African markets – and transforming lives in the process.

Building on the success of the ECX, eleni’s holistic approach attracted investment from Morgan Stanley, the International Finance Corporation and Sir Bob Geldof’s private equity firm, 8 Miles. Bringing together buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities such as coffee and sesame and going beyond a trading platform, it has created an entire ecosystem, including warehousing and quality grading commodities.

Today, sellers and buyers in Ethiopia no longer struggle to find each other or only carry out business with those they know. Farmers can now access the latest prices for their produce on their mobile phones or from electronic boards located across the country. Through eleni’s proven innovations, 15 million Ethiopian coffee farmers have been able to increase their share of the final price from 38% to 65%.

“Africa can realise its full potential when it decides not to emulate any other region and recognises that it is actually forging a whole new history”

Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Brand Communications positioned eleni’s purpose to create real transformations in African markets. We drew extensively from Dr. Gabre-Madhin’s vibrant personality and entrepreneurial spirit and rooted the new brand with analytical capability and know-how. Furthermore, through strategy and design, we expressed her individual passion, performance and vision to turn innovation into real solutions into a brand that reflects that.

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