“Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated,” he said, during a shoot for Continental Re. These words have formed part of his business philosophy.

As the CEO of a pan-African company, Mr. Oyetunji spends much of his time circumnavigating the world. Scheduling a shoot in London between his trips was challenging. But a 24-hour window opened: he had just arrived in London and was leaving for Boston the next day.

“We are thankful that Femi gave up his time to stop in London on the way to Boston to see us, as he was able to convey his passion about Continental Re firsthand,” said Zarina Banu, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and PR.

Zarina led the creative team for the shoot. Violaine Lemasson supported her.

“The team worked hard to ensure that Femi was comfortable,” said Violaine, who was the production manager.

Director of photography Noel Hines and Creative Director Stuart Odunsi operated the cameras. Art Director Dean Price came up with the concept and Charlotte Love was also on hand to support.

“Femi was candid with us off-camera, allowing us to capture his vision in this video and take away personal anecdotes that helped shape Continental Re’s core values: Commitment, Responsiveness, Sustainability and Trust,” Dean said.

At Continental Re, Femi always tells the staff, “the phone never rings more than twice,” imploring them to seize opportunities when they first arise.

This video will be used to map out Continental Re’s DNA for employees, regulators and potential investors.

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