Grid Petroleum

Fuel the life you lead. Competition through local content fuels aspirations.

Grid Petroleum, a new downstream oil-marketing supplier in Ghana with a chain of petrol stations, approached Brand Communications to help them create a brand that would differentiate them against the competition.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of local content in the Ghanaian market. Government policies are encouraging local ownership and job creation, making a substantial positive impact on local communities. This attitude towards oil, and how its sustainable use is in the benefit of the nation, is strongly emphasised both in government and to the general public.

In addition, political stability and GDP growth driven by oil, currently at 7%, has resulted in a sharp rise in consumer spending. Car and truck purchases have increased dramatically. According to the African Development Bank, car ownership grew by 81% from 2006 to 2011. Road infrastructure and services are also a key government priority, and regular road improvements and new builds are the order of the day.

Due to the policy of liberalisation, there are currently another 25 start-ups in the Ghanaian market. Our task was to create a new brand for Grid Petroleum that would differentiate the company against the many players, including the large brands such as Shell and Total. In this regard, the Grid Petroleum positioning we developed centred on an expression of the greater economic freedom that the consuming class has access to today. In sync with the upwardly mobile energy of Ghanaians, the brand is also an aspirational rally cry for building a better lifestyle – as well as a better world – through energy.

To help ensure a consistent customer experience for Grid Petroleum over time, we also developed a distinct and easy-to-use design system.

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