New World Nigeria

Changing global perceptions.
Enabling over US$300 million foreign direct investment.

Nigeria is the largest, most vibrant frontier market opportunity in Africa. Brand Communications were tasked with promoting Nigerian trade, investment and cultural exchange for the Bank of Industry, an arm of the Nigerian Government. By doing so, we set out to challenge international perceptions of Nigeria.

A combination of key market forces in Nigeria is creating significant opportunities for investors and businesses. Each of its six largest cities has approaching to or more than a million people. Nigeria boasts the largest population in Africa and, as with many of Africa’s markets, evidence exists of an aspirational, ‘high-consuming’ class emerging.

In addition, the banking sector has been consolidated and fundamentally reformed, progressive energy legislation has been introduced, many state-owned assets are now set to be privatised, incentives have been introduced to fuel public-private partnerships and there has been aggressive intervention in the agricultural sector.

Our focus was to communicate these factors within an overarching sub-brand: ‘New World Nigeria’. We also specifically designed the brand to express the fundamental entrepreneurial character of Nigerians and the vitality of their culture.

With the eyes of the world on London 2012 and its receptive climate, London was the perfect stage to promote this new narrative across three key events.

“People go to Africa and confirm what they already have in their heads and so they fail to see what is there in front of them.”

Chinua Achebe

Sixteen weeks after the launch of the New World Nigeria Investment Campaign, potential deal flows of over US$300 million were estimated by the Bank of Industry.

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