Public Relations

We understand the power of story-telling and have a proven track record of success. We take simple and meaningful messages to the right external audiences that deliver a company’s vision and new business lines so you are empowered to shape your own narrative.

Using the full scope of Brand Communications, we ensure a company’s message builds on its reputation and in turn grows your impact, strengthens your brand and improves your competitive positioning.

Work plan

Develop and implement strategy, translating corporate goals and key messages into plans that integrate communications using multiple channels

Create meaningful PR

Cultivate relationships with targeted external audiences that makes an impact.

Senior leadership

Identify compelling strategies and stories that reach the right media and other external audiences, includes: profiling leadership for media, industry and stakeholder events

Manage executive communications

Speechwriting, scripts, talking points and public presentations for events such as media day and industry events.

Media coverage

Manage external media coverage, source and manage interviews, to generate positive views about the organisation

Media relationships

Cultivate, manage and drive relationships with key business and trade reporters to secure coverage at the right, or critical moments

Develop materials

Develop media toolkits, biographies, talking points and briefs

Media coaching and training

Deliver ongoing targeted and relevant media and presentation training for company executives, using live scenarios that match media and industry audiences

Digital communication strategies

Develop and oversee digital content which reflects company’s brand and messaging and greater engagement on social media platforms

Industry organisations

Work with leadership to coordinate messaging and engagement with industry organisations


Oversee materials for events, content production (multiple channels) and deliver company messages, manage talking points

Issues management

Anticipate and identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the organisation

Crisis management

Build processes for leadership to escalate and calibrate around crisis communications, using step-by-step scenarios.