Public Affairs

Influencing political and regulatory decisions requires penetrating insights, compelling language, powerful arguments and motivating campaigns. By engaging politicians, the media and the public, we can help clients shape, create or adapt to their message and offering.

We will provide clients with political intelligence and the support they need to engage stakeholders, manage their reputations, and design and run impactful campaigns to achieve their objectives.

Political Communications

Develop relationships with key political, civil service, business and media contacts to participate in political discussions

Government Relations

Meetings with officials, legislators, regulators, staff members, etc.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder mapping and tracking to ensure clients are talking to the right people, at the right time through parliamentary round tables, dinners, or one-off events, public gatherings

Crisis management

as a result of internal developments, external threats or changes to the environment in which they operate, we develop a crisis strategy for our clients and hold training sessions on how to react to media and negatives campaigns.

Media Relations

Political journalists are the most likely to secure front or near-front page coverage for their stories. We will develop an extensive but relevant media list of the key political and business journalists and build relationships with them