Festival attendees enjoyed scintillating live musical performances, performing arts, film, fashion and food. The Summer Festival was a testament and reflection of the emerging talent coming out of Africa and the African Diaspora, showcasing the work of both known and emerging African artists, musicians, photographers and designers.

Yinka Shonibare MBE, curator of this year’s festival commented:

“The contemporary culture of Africa post independence is cosmopolitan and confident. We are proud to share the creativity of a generation not afraid to provoke and to push the boundaries of their art forms whilst acknowledging tradition. Africa Centre is proud of its heritage and yet modern. Africa Centre has always been a beacon of African creativity and expression from the continent and the Diaspora.”

In our efforts to support The Africa Centre, Brand Communications took on the role of branding the festival. Our work has ranged from designing the festival programmes, leaflets, and merchandise, to writing and distributing press releases promoting the festival, to developing the website and social media pages.