Wari appointed Brand Communications to develop and execute its launch campaign in Côte d’Ivoire. Wari is an innovative transaction platform, offering easy-to-use mobile, web and card solutions for institutional, commercial and financial organizations and customers across their global network. The advertising and media campaign increased Wari’s visibility and introduced its core product and services to consumers in Côte d’Ivoire.

Brand Communications developed a creative concept using the catch phrase ‘Wari moi !’ (i.e. ‘Use Wari’) to instill Wari into everyday language. The campaign was kept simple and clean to translate Wari’s brand proposition ‘Your Life Made Simple’.

Brand Communications also organised a press conference to support the launch. More than 20 journalists attended this successful event coming from both national and pan-African media including nation TV channel RTI and Vox Africa.

Our integrated campaign helped Wari reach its targeted audience in an impactful manner, bringing the brand to the consumers’ top of mind.