Inspired by the need for an independent perspective on Africa and the opportunity to harness the necessary brand skills to help grow African businesses and organisations, Terhas Asefaw Berhe formed Brand Communications ten years ago.

“From the very start, the vision of Brand Communications was to build iconic African brands. To attract investment and retain and grow market share, African brands need be globally attractive and competitive,” says Ms Berhe, founder and MD of Brand Communications.

Over the next decade, Brand Communications will build on this purpose as ‘The brand agency for the new world’. Clients require agencies with a new perspective, able to help steer the global economic shifts that are taking place in the world today. In this regard emerging markets, especially in Africa, are experiencing a rapid emergence and consolidation of a high-consuming middle class. We offer clients a unique combination of increased brand influence, brand preference and standout through our 360-degree brand communications offering called ‘Creative Capital’.

Under Terhas’ leadership over the last decade, a range of private and public sector clients have experienced our brand acumen as they grow their organisations and their brands in financial services, investment promotion, consulting, mobile, retail, social diversity and charitable work.

We remain committed to helping build iconic brands in Africa and facilitating enterprise development on the continent. Here’s to another decade of strategy, design and brand communications custom-made for the new world.