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Since 2018, we have developed the core brand thinking and execution of all Afreximbank events as well as the design and communications for many of its key initiatives designed to accelerate trade on the continent.

We created

Under the guiding brand-led promise of “Transforming Africa’s Trade”, we are principally responsible for the 360-degree design experience and communications of the range of premier stakeholder events of the bank; including its AAM (Afreximbank Annual Meetings), the AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum, the Intra-African Trade Fair (conference only), The African Trade Finance Seminar and more. We also continue to develop the brand design and communications of a range of the Bank’s specialised initiatives, including; FEDA (The Fund for Export Development in Africa), AfrexInsure, PAPSS (The Pan-African Payment and Settlement System), AMCE (The African Medical Centre for Excellence), CANEX (Creative Africa Nexus) and more.


In 2019, Afreximbank won the African Bank of the Year (Global Finance). In 2022, the President of the Bank, Professor Benedict Oramah was named of the Banker of the Year at the African Banker Awards ceremony. It then won African Bank of the Year and DFI of the Year at African Banker Awards 2023. On an annual basis, we continue to execute the design, communications and production of the Bank’s key events as well as the brand design and communications of many of its market interventions.

A compelling and authoritative brand look and feel premised on Afreximbank’s long-term commitment to the continent as a trusted pan-African provider; a bank with genuine passion for Africa and the clarity of purpose to deliver lasting commercial gains and prosperity.

“As a branding and events partners, I would say BrandComms are second to none – and I would be pleased to give them my unreserved recommendation.“

Kojo Yeboah

Brand Manager Afreximbank


Afreximbank’s new brand identity and strategy was launched to acclaim at its Annual General Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, June 2017. Over the last two years, BrandComms has also developed and marketed a range of sub-brands for the Bank, including:

  • IATF (Intra-African Trade Fair)
  • PAPSS (Pan-African Payment and Settlement System)
  • AATC (Afreximbank Africa Trade Centres)
  • CANEX (Creative Africa Nexus)