Ecobank Day is an annual event where the Pan-African bank gives back to the communities it serves. In 2019, a three-year plan was launched to raise awareness about Non-Communicable Diseases. Year 1 focused on cancer, Year 2 on diabetes and Year 3 on mental health. BrandComms was asked to help develop a holistic campaign, both for internal and external audiences. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the strategy had to be shifted in Year 2 and 3.

We created

We created a multi-channel concept that would inform, educate and inspire internal and external audiences. Our strategic focus was on helping to fight stigma and to encourage lifestyle changes. In Year 1, we decided to organise sports events across Africa, from walks to zumba classes. Anyone could attend – staff members, their families, customers, the local community etc. Internally, staff members were encouraged to share their personal experiences of NCDs to help overcome stigma. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we hosted pan-African webinars in Year 2 and 3, targeting the general African public. The webinars:

  • Addressed the extra challenges and stress for people with NCDs in times of COVID
  • Encouraged a good lifestyle and hygiene, especially during the pandemic
  • Educated people living with NCDs on self-care

Through the different events Ecobank was able to raise awareness, promote healthy habits and raise funds benefiting local charities. In November 2021 (Year 3), over 5,300 people attended the online webinar, while up to 26 million people were reached via social media and 29 million people through the media campaign (potential reach). For a detailed breakdown per country, per year, visit the dedicated web page:

Ecobank Day Campaigns