PR Internal Communications

As part of a pan-African bank’s drive to create an internal culture of innovation, a competition was launched, inviting all staff members to propose innovative ideas to help create more value for its customers. BrandComms was asked to create a comms strategy to help drive submissions, increase overall internal engagement and leverage the contest to create further understanding of the importance of innovation for the bank.

What we did

The main aim of our campaign was to enthuse staff members about the competition. We decided to build the competition around a sports theme, a running event in particular. The Innovation Race leveraged race-themed tactics and visuals (opening & closing ceremonies, athletes, heats/semi-final/final, starter pistol, finish line). An MD Relay was rolled out: MDs across the bank’s 33-country network shared a short motivational message where they encouraged all Ecobankers to participate and underline the importance of innovation. A medal ceremony was held to honour the ultimate champions.


The Innovation Race was a huge success as 114 innovative ideas were submitted to help create more value for the bank and its customers. A gold, silver and bronze medal were handed out to the top 3. An implementation plan for the winning solutions is currently being worked on, while the next edition of the Innovation Race is underway.