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African technology takes on the world through interactivity.

After winning a 40% market share from Western Union, Wari, the cutting-edge, interactive mobile platform, has become the leading, mobile money transfer provider in Senegal. Brand Communications was tasked to capture Wari’s technological capabilities, which go beyond mobile money transfers, to develop a global brand as the company grows internationally.

Devised by Cellular Systems International and spearheaded by the entrepreneur Kabirou Mbodje, the Wari brand was created ‘by Africans with a vision to go global’. Wari currently facilitates 1.5 million transactions every day. This equates to 40 million transactions per month, with the vast majority outside Senegal.

Money transfers in sub-Saharan Africa are a huge growth area. In 2012, The World Bank reported that these transactions amounted to US$31 billion, with projected figures reaching US$39 billion by 2015. The report also indicated that Nigeria represents 67% of the market, and that money transfers in developing countries reached a staggering US$401 billion in 2012.

“Africa doesn’t need aid or loans, but organisation”

Kabirou Mbodje

Wari wanted to tap into local, regional and international money transfer markets. Simultaneously, the brand has developed the technology to implement social value added services, offering ePayments, eWallets, payment cards and virtual accounts for salary or aid disbursement payments.

We also redefined the brand’s offering to merge these value added solutions with mobile money transfers. Matching universal customer motivations with the brand’s benefits was key to expanding into new pan-African markets and other emerging countries. We continue to work with Wari in the shift from local service provider to global platform. They are currently partnering with African and international banks and businesses such as Transfast, Valutrans, Remit Synergy and other mobile transfer companies across seven European markets, the USA and Canada.