Brand Communications is currently rolling out a dynamic 25th celebration programme for our client, ‘Ecobank, The pan-African Bank.’ Ecobank conceived indigenous pan-African banking. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was instrumental and supported the start-up the bank as the first private institution to facilitate cross-border trade and investment across Africa, as well as bring retail banking to the people of the continent. Ecobank continues to do this committed work today, with a presence across 34 African countries, the largest workforce employed by any bank on the continent and a focused customer experience designed to speak to the needs of its customers.

Brand Communications has developed an integrated communications effort featuring a sub-brand for the 25th celebration that will be used to endorse all brand maintenance campaigns. Key stakeholder and public relations events are also planned to raise levels of awareness. The celebrations will kick off on the 20th of June at the ‘25th Anniversary of Ecobank Gala Dinner, in the presence of His Excellency, Faure Ezzoimna Gnassingbe’, the President of the Republic of Togo. Award-winning performers Baaba Maal and D’banj will lead the entertainment.