Since 2012, Brand Communications has provided both ATL and BTL marketing communications support to Orca Deco, one of Ghana’s leading home, office and garden retailers. Through its main showrooms in the capital, Accra, and in Kumasi, Ghana’s second biggest city, Orca Deco has become a unique point of reference for customers looking for modern yet affordable furniture, furnishings, cooking and dinning accessories, décor items and small electronic appliances.


After nine years of success in Ghana, Orca Deco commissioned Brand Communications to craft a unique advertising, market promotions and public relations campaign to coincide with its tenth anniversary celebrated in 2014.

The promotion dubbed, “The Orca Deco 10th Anniversary Text-and-Win Trivia promotion”, was run in partnership with one of Ghana’s leading private television stations, Viasat 1. Every week a selection of trivia questions related to Orca Deco were presented at various time slots on Viasat 1. Shopping vouchers were given out to individuals with the highest correct responses. Every week Orca Deco also slashed down prices on selected items in the Deal-of-the-Week promo.

Brand Communications also negotiated a thirteen-week sponsorship package in Ghana’s biggest circulating weekend newspaper, the Graphic Mirror, where interior decor expert Raphael Langdon provided a series of insightful articles with tips on office and home decor. The articles featured on a full-page colour spread prominently branded with the Orca Deco identity.

The campaign also incorporated social media. Orca’s Facebook page was reactivated and updated in sync with the activities on TV, radio, and press.

For the Agency, it was a busy action-packed campaign period that actualized and delivered results on a well-prepared brief. The 10th anniversary campaign ran for a period of three months and climaxed into the Christmas festivities.

Orca Deco, in the coming weeks, is set to sign off a new integrated campaign, which will drive home its affordable value message to consumers. The campaign will commence in September and run through the 2015 Christmas season.