Brand Communications was honoured to support Mr Gervais Djondo in sharing his African legacy during his visit to London and Paris in June 2014.

Mr Djondo is living testimony of the power of a vision for Africa to integrate in business, to strengthen its spirit of unity and to realise its full potential.  He believes that greater wealth and job creation across Africa are possible through boosting regional trade within Africa. “We have to collaborate and work together if we are to succeed in pushing forward the pan African vision,” he said.

Today the concept and necessity of regional integration in Africa has become a priority on every high-level business agenda, and has become synonymous with Africa’s economic growth and development. Mr Djondo is one of Africa’s business leaders who identified the need for regional integration over 25 years ago and who has already successfully achieved regional integration in Africa through his instrumental role in developing pan-African companies – Asky Airlines and Africa’s most successful pan-African bank – Ecobank.

He has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for dedicating his life to establishing regional companies to enhance pan-African trade and regional integration.

During his trip to London and Paris in June 2014, Brand Communications organized for Mr Djondo to meet with various high-level business audiences and media channels including Bloomberg Africa TV, New African, Les Afriques, Vox Africa TV, Le Point, The Africa Report, et al.

Mr Djondo also addressed other important issues such as the need to find ways to address the current lack of women at a senior level in business and to support women formally in the economy.