Subject Ecobank’s customer-facing website to a 360 degree review, then completely re-imagine it from the homepage out to create a richly informative, user-friendly experience.

We created

A website conceived with three clear improvements in mind. First make it friendlier: by totally redesigning user flow and site navigation. Then make it smarter: with more informative content and intuitive links. And finally, make it a lot slimmer: by cutting more than half of its 500 pages.


The site won the 2016 Web Jurist Award (powered by Phillips Consulting) for the Banking Sector in Nigeria – following a ‘detailed evaluation of aesthetics, technical aspects, website content, user experience and performance.’

The big reveal

The new-look Ecobank.com website (with user-friendly navigation prioritised from the home page on) was the first showcase for the brand’s revised styling and colour palette: an expression of the long-term vision for the bank.

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