Landmark Centre is tucked away in upbeat Victoria Island, a commercial and residential hub in Lagos, Nigeria. It was a fitting venue to launch a new product from Ecobank that provides an instant and convenient way of banking via the mobile phone.

Brand Communications’ Damien Robins, Zarina Banu, Salihu Mahmud and Anietie Isong flew to Lagos to help Ecobank execute a seamless event. Back in London, Charles Walker, Anne Collins, Oliver Sarr, Eshe Jackson-Nyakasikana, Candice South, Charlotte Love, Adaora Oramah and Rosa Wallis, provided the much-needed support.

“Working with the local production team in Lagos to brand the venue was in many ways a remarkable experience,” said Damien, who was visiting Nigeria for the first time.

Landmark Centre has in a way lived up to its name. The venue has played host to several high profile visitors and events. When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos in September 2016, he held a meeting with technology developers there.

Group CEO Ade Ayeyemi, Group Executive for Consumer Banking, Patrick Akinwuntan and Ecobank Nigeria’s Managing Director, Charles Kié, launched the Mobile App on stage, with three giant screens showing digital films of the app and a realtime demonstration of how to use the new technology.

“This was a huge team effort made possible by the drive and vision of our client. It was wonderfully exciting working on site with Ama Okyere, Ecobank’s Group Head of Marketing,” said Zarina, who was also visiting Nigeria for the first time.